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Investment in the capabilities of adolescents

We examined investments in countries of low income, lower-middle income, and upper-middle income covering the majority of these adolescents globally to derive estimates of investment returns given existing knowledge. Apr 19, 2017
Our future: a Lancet Commission on adolescent
health and wellbeing
The largest generation of adolescents and young people in human history (1.8 billion) demands more attention and action. Adolescents and young adults face unprecedented social, economic, and cultural change. This new Lancet Commission argues that there are both current threats, if inaction continues, but also tremendous unrealised opportunities not only for the health and wellbeing of young people themselves but also for the future of society and future generations. The most powerful actions for adolescent health and wellbeing are intersectoral, multilevel, and multicomponent and engage and empower young people themselves to be part of change and accountability mechanisms. May 11, 2016
Global burden of diseases, injuries, and risk
factors for young people’s health during
1990–2013: a systematic analysis for the 
Global Burden of Disease Study 2013
Young people’s health has emerged as a neglected yet pressing issue in global development. Changing patterns of young people’s health have the potential to undermine future population health as well as global economic development unless timely and effective strategies are put into place. We report the past, present, and anticipated burden of disease in young people aged 10–24 years from 1990 to 2013 using data on mortality, disability, injuries, and health risk factors. May 11, 2016
Adolescent health and wellbeing: a key to a 
sustainable future
Comment – Sabine Kleinert, Richard Horton May 9, 2016
Comment – Ban Ki-moon May 9, 2016
Advancing the adolescent health agenda Comment – Melinda Gates May 9, 2016
GBD 2013: a window into the world of
young people
Comment – Shanthi Ameratunga, Simon Denny May 9, 2016
George Patton: global leader in adolescent health Profile – Richard Lane May 9, 2016
Adolescent health: boys matter too Editorial – Adolescent health: boys matter too Dec 5, 2015
Why is suicide the leading killer of older
adolescent girls?
In May and June, 2015, media outlets around the world reported a devastating new finding that shocked the public and public health researchers alike. The Telegraph, Guardian, and National Public Radio all published articles highlighting the fact that suicide had surpassed maternal mortality as the leading cause of death among girls aged 15–19 years globally Nov 21, 2015
Suzanne Petroni: Pushing equity for girls
& young women
Profile – Richard Lane Nov 21, 2015
Next steps for adolescent health Next steps for adolescent health: a Lancet Commission Feb 1, 2014
Global Health 2035 The Lancet Commission on Investing in Health is an independent group of 25 renowned global health experts and economists from around the world. Their report, provides a roadmap for the international community and low and middle-income countries to achieve dramatic health gains within one generation. Dec 3, 2013
Adolescents at the centre Putting adolescents at the centre of health and development Apr 25, 2012
Adolescent Health 2012 The Lancet’s second Series on Adolescent Health, launched to coincide with the 45th Session of the United Nations Commission on Population and Development, argues that it is now time to put the young person, not the specific issue, centre stage. Four papers analyse the role of adolescence as a foundation for future health, the social determinants of adolescent health, the potential of the worldwide application of prevention science, and the current availability of data on 25 suggested core indicators in all countries. Apr 25, 2012
GBD in young people Global burden of disease in young people aged 10–24 years: a systematic analysis Jun 7, 2011
50-year mortality trends 50-year mortality trends in children and young people: a study of 50 low-income, middle-income, and high-income countries Mar 29, 2011
Global patterns of mortality Global patterns of mortality in young people: a systematic analysis of population health data Sep 12, 2009
Adolescent Health 2007 In 2007, The Lancet published its first adolescent health series, which highlighted particular areas of attention, such as sexual and reproductive health, mental health, and substance misuse. Mar 26, 2007

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