Research Project 5: Visibility, monitoring and accountability

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The mantra of ‘those who are not counted, don’t count’ applies to adolescents and their health. This age group has been described as the most neglected and overlooked in global health. The health information systems that would allow priority setting, program design and monitoring in many areas of adolescent health remain rudimentary at best. This project considers the processes needed for the establishment of more accountable systems for adolescent health.

Leads: Professor George Patton, Professor Ali Mokdad
Sub-leads: Professor Adesegun Fatusi, Professor John Santelli, Dr Wendy Baldwin
Team: Dr Elissa Kennedy, Dr Nicola Reavley, Kristina Bennett, Molly O’Sullivan

Project 5: Towards an accountable system

This project will extend the work conducted in project 4 to define a minimum number of headline indicators for National report cards for each country in the 21 GBD sub-regions. This will in turn allow us to address the current major data gaps and provide potential solutions.

A major overarching goal for the Commission is to support the development of the processes that underpin the development of an accountable global system for adolescent health and wellbeing. In defining a more comprehensive picture of health need and the major feasible actions for health, the Commission will be putting in place some of the key elements needed for accountable systems. Because the Commission has been established as a ‘Living Commission’, a further goal is supporting the engagement of young people, their organisations and civil society more broadly around their health and wellbeing.

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