Research Project 2: Economic and legal perspectives on adolescent health

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There are clear fiscal and legal actions that can be taken to promote the health and wellbeing of adolescents and young adults. This project will consider the current state of knowledge around the economic case for investment and the legal frameworks that are necessary for safe and healthy development through the adolescent years.

Leads: Professor Jane Waldfogel, Professor Terry McGovern
Sub-leads: Dr Jacqueline Mahon, Professor Nick Allen
Team: Dr Nathan Hughes, Sonia Haerizadeh JD, Dr Elia De la Cruz Toledo 

Project 2A: Economic benefits of adolescent health intervention

Involves the development of a systematic review on previous modelling work on economic consequences of adolescent health problems and the economic benefits of intervention. It will include current evidence interventions that have benefits for sexual and reproductive health such as delaying marriage or meeting unmet need for contraception.

Project 2B: Current legal frameworks underpinning adolescent health

Involves a description of the geographic inconsistencies with respect to legal frameworks around alcohol, tobacco, labour laws, contraception, marriage and age of sexual consent.

Project 2C: Barriers to implementation of protective laws

Involves a description of the effect of customary and religious law on the implementation of international conventions designed to promote the health and rights of adolescents and young adults, including those around sexual and reproductive health.

Project 2D: The implications of developmental neurobiology for laws around adolescents

Involves the development of a systematic review of the implications of new understandings in neurobiology and cognitive-emotional development for legislative frameworks to protect and promote health in adolescence.

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