Nick Allen

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Nick Allen

Nick Allen, USA/Australia

BSc (Hons), MSc (Clin. Psych.), PhD
Nick Allen is the Ann Swindells Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Oregon, where he is involved in the training of clinical psychologists and conducts research into adolescent mental health. His research focuses on the transition from childhood to adolescence as a critical developmental phase for determining wellbeing across the lifespan, especially mental health. He uses a developmental psychopathology approach to understand how children and adolescents are affected by the environments in which they grow up. He has particularly focussed on how family interactions and other aspects of the child’s environment that have been shown to increase risk for mental health problems (e.g. stress, abuse, socio-economic disadvantage) influence the child or adolescent’s emotional functioning and the development of the biological systems that undergird these emotions (particularly brain development). His recent research is increasingly focussed on using digital technology to track behaviour in order to predict, and intervene in, mental health problems in young people.

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