Systematic review

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Systematic Review of Positive Youth Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

YouthPower Learning is pleased to announce the publication of Systematic Review of Positive Youth Development (PYD) Programs in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs)! The Systematic Review presents the results of a rigorous analysis of existing evidence of PYD in LMICs. It expands the knowledge base on the impacts and measurement of PYD programs and provides valuable insights for international implementing organizations, researchers, and donors.

What is the purpose of the Systematic Review?

The Systematic Review documents how PYD approaches have been applied in LMICs, and what the evidence shows about the effectiveness of such approaches.

What does the Systematic Review provide?

  • A comprehensive framework to understanding PYD in LMICs
  • Findings of how PYD has been implemented and areas in need of further investigation
  • The latest evidence of what works in achieving positive youth-focused outcomes in LMICs
  • Lessons learned that international implementing organizations can integrate into practice
  • Recommendations to inform future program design, implementation, and evaluation efforts

How can I access the Systematic Review?

Download the Systematic Review here.
Download the Systematic Review Brief here.

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